Hiking the Camino de Santiago

In 2017, I spent 6 weeks hiking the Camino de Santiago trail (the Camino Frances). There are actually several trails that lead to Santiago, Spain; however, the Camino Frances is the most popular. 

The Camino de Santiago is an old pilgrimage trail leading to a cathedral housing the relics of the Apostle James. The relics were revealed in the 9th century and the trail developed sometime between the 9th and the 15th century. By 1492, the cathedral of Santiago was considered one of the three "great" pilgrimages of the Christian faith (along with Rome and Jerusalem). There is a rich history and culture along the trail and based on your physical and emotional investment, the experience can be life altering. My experience included physical challenges, emotional highs and lows, beautiful landscapes and making friends that I continue to have as part of my life. Feel free to contact our store if you have questions about hiking the Camino de Santiago.

Enjoy the pics.