Good Ol' New Bern

Check out our collection of locally created goodies and show off how proud you are to be from 'The Bern'

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"Wanna Bone?" Socks
Oooh Yeah Socks (OYS)JY Design and Creations
W's TreeBlend Longsleeve T-Shirt, Toffee Heather

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's easy to stay dry with Patagonia on your side!

Popular Brands

Shibumi Sun Shade
Also known as, the "World's Best Beach Shade!"
Hemlock Lifeguard Hat, Ube
Say hello to your new favorite sun hat!

Pack in Action

Make back-to-school a little better with a new bag!

Is this Kenough for you?

Slip on this tee and enter into the Surf, Wind and Fire dreamworld!