Eastern Skate Supply Thunder Light 145 Trucks, Polished Silver

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Hanger is 5.0 inches (127mm), axle is 7.625 inches. Height is 45mm as measured from the baseplate to the center of the axle. Recommended for decks that are 7.4 - 7.8 inches

The Original Thunder Hollow Light Truck with a classic polished finish. Polished Hanger with super strong & lightweight hollow axles, white bushings, hollow kingpins and polished Thunder light forged baseplates.

Thunder lights made one step lighter with super strong & lightweight Hollow axles, added to light forged baseplates and aircraft grade hollow Kingpins. Super Light and Guaranteed Strong.

Featuring a forged baseplate, hollow axle and a hollow kingpin, these trucks are made to take all the abuse you can dish out. The forged baseplate is compression molded, which means it can endure more intense impacts while being lighter for added performance. The extra-light hollow kingpins make these trucks awesome for ollies and allow easier overall shredding. Thunder Trucks never fail to impress.

This listing is for a pair (2) of new THUNDER 145 Low skateboard trucks.

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