S.L. Revival Co. Jackson's Cannon Structured Trucker Hat, Vintage Patriotic

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Military historians consider General Jackson to be one of the most gifted tactical commanders in U.S history. Jackson was a West Point graduate that earned is artillery and field experience in the Mexican-American war. He later became a professor at the Virginia Military Institute teaching artillery tactics. Some of his military instruction is still used today for artillery tactics. He later died at the rank of General fighting in the Civil War.
Our new low to medium profile, structured trucker hat is now available. Structured hats have not been Salt-washed™ for softness and fading. These hats are stiffer and the colors are brighter. The fit profile is very similar to our popular vintage-style Salt-washed™ trucker hats. Adjustable snap in the back allows for a proper fit and we have color-blocked this style with a mesh color, front panel color and bill color. A really cool addition is the small embroidery of crossed swords on the back. We think we have designed a hat with a unique look and should be a favorite. Make sure you are wearing a Revival™ hat.

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