Aunt Ruby's Roasted Redskin Peanuts

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Intriguing because these excellent, tasty peanuts are roasted in their original skins, Aunt Ruby's Peanut's carries redskin peanuts for consumers who love eating traditional Spanish peanuts. Located in Halifax County, North Carolina, consumers who appreciate gourmet snacks definitely want to try these outstanding roasted peanuts. Delicious redskin peanuts are available in convenient 20oz or 40oz tins or a case of 12oz tins. The family-operated business caters to people who are trying to find the perfect gifts for their families, friends and relatives. Customers can order Spanish peanuts online and have them shipped to their residences or businesses. Consumers also have the option to call Aunt Ruby's Peanuts to ask questions or place orders.

Country style roasted peanuts with the skins intact are created with the help of our family recipe. These superior peanuts are a healthy, crunchy treat. Whether a person lives in North Carolina, Wyoming, New York or California, the convenience of ordering quality nuts and gifts from a family-owned business is difficult to beat. Consumers can buy salted and unsalted roasted cocktail peanuts, cashews, chocolate nuts and more. Flavorful, traditional and available every day of the year, try Aunt Ruby's Peanut's today. Relive the days of another era while indulging in mouthwatering redskin peanuts and a glass of lemonade.

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