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Free Shipping -- Manteo was a 16th century Native American, chief of a small Croatan tribe that assisted and befriended the English settlers of Roanoke. The NC town, Manteo is named in his honor so we thought it appropriate to name our durable and fashionable wax-cotton jacket Manteo Surf Fish Jacket. Wax-cotton, sometimes referred to as oilskin cloth has been used by fishermen, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for well over a hundred and fifty years. The natural fabric is coated with a an oil/wax that is not water soluble, thus creating a waterproof exterior. Wax, having a crystal structure that varies and realigns with body heat, is permeable for perspiration in the form of water vapor. This allows our Manteo Surf Fish Jacket to be both waterproof and breathable. This is the perfect winter wear for the deep south. A light flannel liner provides just enough warmth to keep you comfortable on a chilly day. Two-way zipper, hand warmer pockets, adjustable waist and a detachable hood are nice features making this a very comfortable winter coat at the most desirable weight -- not too heavy but just enough weight for a southern winter.

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