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This magical little single-line box kite flies stable like a traditional kite, or tug on the string and watch it tumble and dance like an easy-to-fly fighter. Fly it till you decide not to and then watch it tumble down magically, end over end, swooping and diving till you straight-line it back into the wild blue with a tug.

It’s small enough to take everywhere, any kid of any age can fly it, so if you want to put a grin on their face, give ‘em a Triad. And if you REALLY want to dazzle, tie several to the same line and watch, entranced, as they dance together in the sky. Ready to fly with 100 ft. of line included in a compact travel case.


  • Soars easily in a light breeze and tumbles with a tug of the line
  • Folds to 18” long - perfect for suitcase or backpack
  • Ready to fly with 100 ft. of line, winder, and travel case
  • Fly multiples on one line for a spectacular show


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