GIBBS SMITH Cooking in a Can By Katherine L. White

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Cooking in a Can is the perfect activity book for kids who love to camp and cook! The newest book in our successful children's activities series, Cooking in a Can follows Cooking on a Stick (now over 63,000 copies sold), and introduces dozens of techniques for cooking outside. Author Kate White shows kids the beauty of cooking over a campfire, with dozens of delicious and easy recipes like Hot Rock Chicken and Wilderness Wonder Chocolate Cake. From cooking in a can to cooking in a paper bag to cooking on a rock, this activity book produces scrumptious results that kids of all ages will enjoy. Also included are dozens of related activities to keep kids busy, such as making a family banner to identify your camp, planning menus, and organizing cooking supplies and groceries. There are also tips on natural refrigeration, food storage and camp clean up. Chapters include topics such as: Cooking Over a Campfire, The Outdoor Kitchen, No Pot Cooking, Hot Rock Cooking, Pit Cooking, Make-Your-Own Oven Cooking, Spit Cooking and Dutch Oven Cooking.

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