Aunt Ruby's Cajun Peanuts

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Aunt Ruby's has created a dry version of those tangy, spicy Cajun Peanuts we all love. Cajun boiled peanuts are a much-loved part of the deep South. We bring you the same idea, but with her dry roasted Spicy Peanuts, you can enjoy them all year long. These Cajun Style Peanuts modernize this old classic, but the essential part of the Southern version is very much here.

Aunt Ruby's Spicy Peanuts are a treat you will warm right up to quickly. In fact, they might warm you up too. The bit of zing and tangy flavor will keep you coming back for more. If you are a fan of Cajun peanuts then you will surely love what Aunt Ruby's done here. Our Cajun Style Peanuts pack just enough spiciness without being too hot too handle. They make great gifts, and they come in a variety of sizes. No reason to wait all year for special occasions for the real thing. Pop a can of Aunt Ruby's Cajun Style Peanuts and get to snacking.

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