Southern Tide

We’re all about the CLASSIC AMERICAN LIFESTYLE: road trips across the country, quality time with our four-legged best friend, and low country boils on the coast.

We have an affinity for all things BLUE, but we still live a COLORFUL life. From our wardrobe to our personality, we don’t shy away from making a statement.

Whether we’re decked out for a special occasion or suited up for a dip in the ocean, WE’RE ALWAYS UP FOR A GOOD TIME.

We’re just as happy with a cocktail at the 19th hole as we are with a cold one on the dock with friends.

WE LIVE FOR THE WATER: whether it’s fishing on the river, soaking up the rays by the sea, or cruising on the lake; WE’RE ALWAYS GAME.

To us, the South is more than just a location, IT’S A STATE OF MIND. And we always bring a piece of the South wherever we go.

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