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    Founded in 2013 we have quickly grown from a local individual selling to family & friends to a small business selling across the US and in Europe.

    Brother and sister team, Eric Young (Founder & CEO) & Meredith Young (COO), also referred to as Mr. & Sister Mountaineer, have worked hard to build Mountaineer Brand from the ground up. Together they have spent countless hours researching, brainstorming, traveling, and conceptualizing to make a brand that is well known and loved.  As Founder and CEO, Eric is the mastermind behind creating all of Mountaineer Brand's wonderful products, while sister and COO Meredith ensures Mountaineer Brand continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

    Mountaineer Brand began as a beard care company, however we have since grown to offer a shaving product line, as well as a diverse family care line. Our family care line bears the moniker of Eric and Meredith's great-grandmother, Granny Vicars; she was an obvious choice to be the face for our all-natural family care products, as both Eric and Meredith remember her for her resourcefulness as a loving and caring woman who lived off the land with no running water or electricity.