S.L. Revival Co.

It all started with a hat that looks as if it has weathered on the dashboard of an old farm truck. The idea started with an observation. Several years ago I noticed a fellow surfer wearing an old, faded trucker hat emblazoned with the state flag of our neighboring state to the south. I loved the look that only comes with age. I wanted that same look with my home state of North Carolina and I could not find it anywhere. Being the owner of a small, surf retail store, I asked the staff to kick around ideas and help design. We came up with a unique design for the state flag of North Carolina. If we only use three colors instead of the official 4 colors, we realized the flag looked older and vintage. Next we needed a hat that was faded, soft and worn-in. We found a manufacturer using a sodium-based enzyme wash to create a sun-aged look; thus, we now have our Salt-Washed™ hat. The last design feature, replacing all white threading with khaki. Replacing the color added years to the hat and WOW... now you have the original North Carolina vintage-style state flag hat and the start of State Legacy Revival known as S.L. Revival Co.

After many years, we now offer state flag hats and t-shirts for different states. We also added Everyday hats (non-state flag designs) and Everyday tees. Our Everyday collection is fun and designs are colorful, simple and unique.

We appreciate your support and when wearing a ballcap or trucker hat, please make sure you are wearing a Revival™ hat.

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